Sunday, April 01, 2018

If you're familiar with Korean skincare routines, you'll know that facial masks are one of the most important parts of it. Facial masks are convenient and easy skin-boosters. It is also my favorite saviour whenever I'm feeling like I'm having a "bad skin day."

Today, I will review the Pearl Essence Facial Mask that I received from lamisebeautyI tried their nourishing & glowing facial mask. The brand is Willow. It is exclusively made for Lamise Beauty. 

Lamise Beauty Pearl Essence Facial Mask Sheet
AED10.50 for 1 sheet mask
Made in Korea

I  have always been pretty fascinated by beach and starfish that's why the packaging is a plus points for me. It is so adorable.

My skin hasn't been it's best lately, so I welcome the Pearl Essence Mask with open pores and dry skin.

The mask is quite luxurious. The cloth is white, thick and pleasant-smelling. The mask is soft that clings comfortably to my skin. It is absolutely drenched in a mixture of hydrating and nourishing ingredients. I like that it sticks on well so I don't have to lie down and instead can do other things while waiting for the 15 minutes to go by. 

My skin feels soft and nourished when I take it off. After drying, none of that awful tightness feeling. It definitely makes me look fresh and less tired. When I awoke the next day, my skin was no doubt hydrated and had a smooth feel.

I would definitely use this once again, it was gentle and soothing. 

Have you tried this mask? Do you love it? Let me know by leaving your comments below.

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